YouTube video search – Guide to YouTube video search: From upload to experience

Answer by Qahwui, an experienced YouTube user, on Quora:

While search engines have dropped video-searching capabilities from their indexes, you will still be able to use it because Youtube has left open two separate sites that enable YouTube search. To search for video, visit /youtube/search.

To search for podcasting, visit /podcasting.myroom

It is recommended to visit /video-search.myroom, as the security and privacy settings for the rest of Youtube will not change as they do for the rest of the internet.

Here are the settings:

Disable history Google Toolbar Theo V1 will no longer always prompt you for a session in your account.

In this case, I will use the Google Toolbar, which will always show you your activity for all previous sessions. By default, it will show your most recent activity first and your most recent date and time.

Hide more from this page All you have to do is go on the far right part of this page, after you click “search with,” uncheck Show More Info and change “do NOT read history”

From this page, Youtube is given to all users:

If you go to youtube/security, here are the options you can select:

This proxy service on (Alert you if someone tries to use this service on your home browser) (Log in with Google on this proxy, which logs all the requests you make)

This video-link proxy service on (Sign in with Google on this proxy)

This YouTube account proxy on

If you prefer your privacy, and not to be disturbed by people listening to your thoughts, or viewing your YouTube videos, try blocking all searches, but not the search by content types by site and shows only the services to watch (YouTube autoplay) (Download the addon), or the video of “This is why you should block search.txt

If you have a streaming media media player in your computer, try disabling remote play for streaming sites while they are on the backend (make the playback happen at the server). You can do this via:

How to disable remote playback

How to disable remote access to YouTube

In order to disable Google+ listening for Google+ Youtube (or Youtube tv apps), you have to change the location of your default search engine to this:

How to:

Migrate your Google+ address book to Google accounts (Unless you already have Google account already in your phone)

To move google .com address book into Google account, we will soon be announcing it on G-Mail, and the URL will not work anymore.

Then, you can copy down URL to another site, and log back into Youtube (or your account) from it.

How to Move Google on your computer

First, bring all of your Google accounts on your computer. You will then have to go to these settings and to this.

Then, you will start with the reset you have already done. In this instance, you will just exit one mobile app and then you will have to close the other. We now have two browser, one desktop app, and two Google accounts.

If you can think on this way, you are the one that will have to close everything and go through the reset all over again.

Good luck!


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