Youtube now offers download of mp3’s

Youtube songs, ie. DRM free music, are now available for download in mp3 format. The site, Youtube used to exclusively feature music videos, began to include mp3s for downloading, in early October of this year. Youtube has remained one of the few places where users can upload MP3s to be shared on and over the internet. For those wanting to burn their own music to CDs, Youtube downloads are an option for now. Even with videos, a technology called Clonbak is used to create downloaded files. Clonbak adds encryption to a previously unencrypted file to protect it.

MP3 files can be downloaded from Youtube. Very difficult to convert your Youtube files into udpap. And since Youtube doesn’t encrypt mp3s ( or anything else for that matter), hacks are available to decode them. Converting an MP3 file into a hd mp3 file is simple. Pips and bitrates are extremely low. You may need to buy an external converter to complete this process. Or if you are using a bit player in your computer, you can convert them to hd. Everything runs about the same, just bring all of your files to my Windows computer, run iTunes ( click “get music” ) and select the stream you want from the menu, etc. The user guide for the conversion software seems very basic and inaccurate. Next, using Internet Explorer, type chrome://extras or try chrome://pc/demo , type in webcache and then click on “open file”. The program will ask what format is the file, then it’ll find the file and allow you to save it for later. If you have ever downloaded a mp3 file from youtube, you may have noticed the DRM’s. YouTube thinks it has a right to protect its content. This is what DRM stands for, and since youtube uses it, it must be protected. So you have to manually turn off YouTube’s “friend sharing” feature, if you want your saved YouTube files to be viewable. So in this world of EFF and protection, Youtube is one of the only places you can find MP3s. Unless it’s converted from hd . All I ask is to please consider helping my friends by saving their files safely. Youtube’s content is copyrighted by the artists themselves. It should not matter to the user. Artists deserve our support.

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