By LG Abruzzo

A good mpeg-2 converter can effectively create video from any source and help you access and use it with all your devices. It is used in video editing, movie creation, and a bunch of other popular computing applications.

Mugatra software is one of the most popular video converters available on the market. It’s able to accomplish only two things: convert video and save mpeg-2 files. So, the main focus of the company’s service is converting mpeg-2 files.

Mugatra’s mpeg-2 converter app is available on Android. Its main features include:

Tracks: Add tracks onto a mpeg-2 video file and resize the original to fit the track frame per frame schedule.

Drag and Drop: Drag a miniMugatra Pro Library folder onto a video file, change the frame rate and then drop it into the converted mpeg-2 video.

Cut and Paste: Drag a miniMugatra Pro Library folder onto a video file, change the frame rate and then save it as mpeg-2 file.

Snippet Playback: Play a few seconds of the extracted video at random and then leave.

Fast Playback: Play a several seconds of the extracted video at normal speed, right after!

Dive Playback: Watch a six-second video clip that you cut after an initial freeze.

Auto Transform: By simply dragging the red square next to a mpeg-2 video’s content, the process will run automatically. You can select a bitrate and time duration and the mpeg-2 video will automatically be transformed into mpeg-4.

Users can filter the free MiniMugatra Pro Library according to preference and can access it from right in the app. There are more than 200 different libraries with a catalog of more than 125,000 videos.

The download size of the app is 1.2 MB and it can be synced to your Google Drive account for more storage. The app also supports more than 100 compatibility formats and has more than 50 sliders. The device and network requirements are set by the app and are based on every device.

The creators of Mugatra want their users to take advantage of the free MiniMugatra Pro Library with unlimited copying and high-res encodings. That way, they’ll be able to preserve the value of their mpeg-2 files for a longer time.

Due to the popularity of the app, the developers always try to extend the support. In order to make it even better for users, the creators add new features without costing them a thing.

Some examples of these additions are a scene-matching feature, which can efficiently extract scenes from mpeg-2 videos. The option to switch between SMPTE-50 and SMPTE-50o and other choice are also added. There’s also a new Background Image that lets you rotate the video camera while it’s still in recording mode and then instantly switch back to the original.

Lastly, the developers of the app introduced a feature to allow over the air updates so users do not have to wait for new features or updates.

Anytime you need a video converter for quick conversion, try out the Mugatra MiniMugatra Pro Library to have an effective and great app. You can learn more about the app and download it for free on the Google Play Store here: mpg-2-mpg-protocol.mpg.

Information on the app’s features is also available on the Google Play Store here: mpg-2-mpg-protocol.mpg. If you need a Mac, you can download the free app here: mpg-2-mpg-protocol.mpg.

Disclaimer: LG Abruzzo, the author of this article, is using a different MiniMugatra app and views it independently.

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