Get screenshots of YouTube videos

Are you a YouTube creator or user? Has someone asked you to remove a video from your channel? Did you pay Google for ads that ran in the videos? Did you receive a call from Google?

What do you need to know about YouTube surveillance features? You might soon have two new options for finding screenshots of a given video. But there’s a catch: the images you’ll get are pre-removed by Google, no matter what you actually wanted.

How to get screenshots of a YouTube video

When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube automatically tries to work out the system the video uses to generate its metadata. This will mean you get text on the video, but you don’t necessarily want that, and on top of that you’ll probably want a thumbnail, as well. Here’s how to grab screenshots from a YouTube video:

Open the YouTube app

Go to Settings > Video.

Under Videos and Audio, select your channel, follow the steps to set up on-camera recording, and select YouTube Preview to enable auto-tracking. Click Get Shortcuts .

. Go to Settings > Videogram analyzer and select Manage search for maps and finders .

. Open the Videogram analyzer again and select Manage screenshot images as a search result.

Video sharing is possible, but you have to give Google the chance to remove posts, because if you automatically opt-in, they will remove videos automatically in the future.

YouTube creators have permission to have images removed from their videos

For a report on YouTube surveillance video and other YouTube surveillance features, click here.


16 I3C Music Files Converted to MP3

Do you need to convert a music file to MP3? I have a T4 folder with a folder of MP3s and an FM Tuner with hundreds of MP3s.

About a year ago I removed the MP3s from my T4 folder and upgraded to Windows Explorer. The thing about MP3s is that they all convert very nicely to 320kbps formats. All the videos used Macromedia Flash which actually does not support the 320kbps format. I didn’t really feel like paying extra for the upgrade, even if I wasn’t paying for the browser. So I did a 1:1 conversion to 320kbps format. The one down side is that this isn’t 100% accurate for most songs. Music files are polymorphic and some are 2 kilobytes if a. program doesn’t recognize it. I heard that for some tracks it was unreliable but it’s hard to do a final judgement.

I finished with the converted format and went back to setting it to MP3 according to my preferences. Now I have another problem. Windows does not recognize that it can now be converted to MP3. I have since used the USB path to convert it.

It’s also important to remember that the 320kbps format doesn’t support mashup copying. Therefore I couldn’t downgrade from the 320kbps format, what can I do?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


YouTube music downloader now in iOS and Android mobile apps

Nowadays today’s internet downloading music provides better music at many places such as downloaded from youtube or internet. Because of the internet downloading music, many new genres of songs are available for our listening pleasure without downloading with our local WiFi.

What is Easiest – Youtube – Download Music from Youtube?

According to Billboard reporter, Alyson Shontell, YouTube itself has started to develop new video formats that require a single-file download if a music stream is to be allowed. Youtube stated on its blog that user generated video clips found in the “Music section” of each video are currently available for download. YouTube anticipates that, in the near future, there will be a special download code required to download these .wmv files.

One of Youtube’s latest formats, “Quickplayer,” can be found for free downloading and streaming on YouTube’s main website and Youtube’s main app for Android and iOS devices. Though Quickplayer does not allow song playing, it allows users to view song titles, the exact artist and song title, and listen to the band/group in the video. According to a YouTube spokesperson, people on mobile phones can already download songs directly from Quickplayer into Google’s cloud storage. A YouTube spokesperson claims that Quickplayer will become available to all users by the end of this year.

How to Download YouTube Music Videos from YouTube.

1. Add Quickplayer – Quickplayer is a Google Chrome extension to assist in quickly accessing and playing any videos found on YouTube. Some users compare Quickplayer to Quicktime or Quicktime plugin. Quickplayer works in both desktop browser windows and mobile device browsers. YouTube video downloaders for Mobile Devices – YouTube now offers the ability to download the videos onto a flash disk using a cell phone.

2. Please do not click on the Play/Pause or Continue buttons in the video on mobile devices. These are only to show when the song is playing.

3. For these Quickplayers to work properly, start Quickplayer from inside the YouTube website. On the bar, you will see the “ready for download” option for YouTube videos. From here, open “Quickplayer”, click on the download button, and then click on “save” again. Now that you have downloaded it, you may use your mobile device to play the videos, or load it to your computer for further playback.

For More Information:

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(615) 333-1092

Email [email protected]………

Download Your Youtube Videos, How to Use

Download it, play it, stream it… well, probably save the stream for later. YouTubers are currently distributing video videos via the internet. YouTube has been around for some 10 years. Videos are uploaded to YouTube about 100 million times per day. There are many Youtube blogs that show new videos, album covers, commercials, sport. There is tons of videos to choose from. And speaking of YouTube. There are tons of video recording apps available and I can’t recommend all of them here.

Please note that YouTubers upload their videos using the web or an FTP server. But, if you download the files there are better quality copies of the videos (depending on what codec is used). But, just remember that downloading videos is different from playing videos. Because, video files are stored on your computer.

First, download the video file from YouTube using the YourTube or Picasa app. Youtube tends to download pictures more quickly.


There is a multitude of downloads available on the internet for Youtube videos. There are Youtube Converter and Youtube DVR. Youtube Converter is basic and consists of a few steps, Youtube DVR consists of longer instructions to download video files. The instructions are pretty basic so do some trial versions of Youtube converter and Youtube DVR.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can go for video video downloading. And there is a number of different Youtube videos to download, depending on the file size, which you can now use to your own interest (better quality videos). And, there are different video handling solutions (recompile videos onto iTunes or iTunes X player, transfer videos to a USB drive, upload videos to youtube, etc.). I personally prefer Youtube’s Downloader because it has the nicest looking interface. And easy to use.

Download Your YouTube Video

Download YouTube Videos



Please note that the following videos are iTunes protected. Keep that in mind when you download the videos.

Download your YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos

Download Youtube Videos

Download Youtube Videos

Download YouTube Videos………


Freemake – Access millions of videos free from your computer

This article republished from Freemake On The Web

Join “Haitian Doll Collector” and explore new YouTubes all while maintaining your freedom, monetization and complete privacy

Do you secretly have thousands of dollars worth of downloaded videos on your computer? Well, now you can discover them, both free and premium, as long as you use Freemake’s free software. With this software, you can download free videos of TV, movies, music, sporting events, games, memes, books, series, collections, and more. Freemake’s downloader is capable of finding videos posted in 3 different ways.

So, which one should you choose? Some experts recommend using the free feature. When this software finds a video that you want to enjoy, you can simply click on it and it will appear on your PC screen. However, if you wish to download and watch premium videos, you will need to shell out $3.00. Is it worth the price? For some users it could be a solid investment. But why doesn’t someone just subscribe to Freemake’s premium service? Well, to understand that answer you should first read a few things.

First of all, you will be able to see which videos are the most popular. Once you find one, you will find out how many views they have gotten. Remember that you can rate videos right from the browser. Once you click on the rating, you can also make annotations and write a description. “My rating says that he’s the coke head” may appear right below his video. For those who want to watch videos that are a bit hard to find, you can turn off Freemake’s search bar. In Freemake’s search bar, which is called The Search Bar, you will be able to find videos from all places. There are also single video uploads, recommendations and no ads. The Productivity section allows you to use your web browser, it is called Gadgetbar, and view all kinds of content. For example, you can view videos in multiple windows. It is a nice tool for those who want to share their friends and group videos from different places in the site. “The Search Bar is a great tool for finding videos as it simply presents you with a specific result for your search.”

Freemake is a software provider that creates useful software, so even after you buy the premium version you can still enjoy your videos without any fear. One of the most exclusive features is the Downloader software. The Downloader is an additional program that lets you browse for videos without leaving the software. Once you’ve found the video you want to watch, you simply click on it, and it will start downloading. This is not every other way to find a video. To learn more about Freemake, visit Freemake Software.

Android – Apple – Blackberry

ps2dit new dvd recorder can convert files to mp3 formats

microsoft has released a new dvd recorder, costing $999 (US) that can convert any audio file to any single copy of a certain length into the MP3 file format for those who want to “Play it On.” the recorders output that single copy to a pc for you, or you can convert the file yourself on the pc and play it on any mp3 player like a cdplayer or flash player.

if you have a podcast you want to download, you may have to convert it before it’s placed online because that particular audio file is a very common file.

you may want to consider a netflix player to play back your work. you may have to decide which of the mp3 players you have is most efficient, or to rent a slightly older player, then convert it to play your podcast or upload it to your website.

you can also make a stock ticker-like display that streams the feed to a pc and gives you results in a minute. like on a site, you can do this for a niche site or place where display options are limited, even with the same hardware.

in the end, the company said, you get the best price for your time in a dedicated brand that’s as simple as making a todo list, doing the edit in there and having the results built in.

also, it will allow you to watch DVD rips you’ve made. there’s a new $1,199.99 version that can just do that.

you can also buy a new vista-style console to build around your house that can access both content streaming and capture content.


ImpTOO Brings Latest 2D/3D Uncompressed Media For Your Device

ImTOO is a powerful Youtube video converter that makes movies and provide smooth and fast load times as well as you will see to use YouTube video in all devices like PC, Smart TV or mobile devices, whatever you want.

ImTOO is easy to use to do multiple tasks, like being used to convert an original video into MP4 file, which will then be shared to social media. The best feature of ImTOO, is you will be able to add up to 2D & 3D content in the video files, like in different movies, including adding a 3D effect in the file, which will be stored on the memory and the computer. Also it is also able to export the saved videos as PNG, RGB, or in HD format, and still be able to view them in web browser. The included authoring tools to generate new videos from the videos that you have, is out of this world in terms of customization, media management, and can make your life easy.

Here are some of the key features of ImTOO that make it stand out in the industry:

Click the Insert Video button in the video conversion menu and choose the option to add 2D or 3D aspect, when you see that title in the video URL.

You can either select the HTML code and drag and drop it into your own creation to update its look.

The desktop application is simplified to be easy to use, with no need to learn commands.

You can also go with the DVD creation by utilizing ImTOO’s file conversion, and offer the Movie Wizard to generate media in the DVD or Blu-ray format.

You can also customize the subtitle or title to add in your own title or name for this video, as well as play in up to 4.7 million devices to date.

The program is supported in all popular platforms like Windows and macOS, as well as PS4, Xbox One and more.


Grab ImTOO for free in Android, Apple iOS, and PC. Plus, you can download the video converter version for $14, right from ImTOO.



Download YouTube Videos with YouTube Downloader

This website will allow you to download your favorite YouTube videos in full HD (1080p). Download videos to your computer as a .doc.

The app will provide you with a memory card size conversion tool that will convert all files to a smaller size. You can also adjust the content size to suit your needs.

Firstly, you need to add a download link to your Google account. You may choose to download 100 files in HD, 100 files in SD, 100 files in LSP or 150 files.

Another feature of the video downloader app allows you to pause and resume the download on your computer whenever you want. You will need to navigate to the desktop process. You may follow these steps:

Login to the YouTube website . Click on “Settings” at the top of the page. Find “Download All”, click on it. You will then be redirected to the Google support page. Click on the “Download Videos” button. Press “Save Download” in the lower right corner of the screen. Click “Go.”

You will need to enable and display the option to download videos by searching for it in your Google account under the “Settings” tab. Search for “YouTube Copy”.

Worth downloading for video conversion?

Watch our video gallery. How to convert, copy and download easily? Join us for a live demonstration of the video converter.

The free video conversion app for Android Devices, SD Card, and PC, is very easy to install and use. The developer supports multiple popular versions and a vast library of popular multimedia files including mkv, Mpg, MP4, FLV, and AVCHD.

The converter can convert quite a big number of files at once. According to the data from the App Store the supported video file types are as below:


Mpg (MPEG4)

MP4 (MPEG-4)




FLV (Faster Video Format)

AVCHD (High Definition Codec)




AVIGlobe video/audio

Viewer – Screen mirroring

Using the receiver, the conversion function can be used and shared through Facebook, Youtube, etc. This app has also a creator function where you can upload and share the video clips created on the device. This app has an advanced feature for Audio conversion which allows you to convert mp3, wma, piano, ukulele, banjo, etc. to mp4 format without the need of conversion apps.

LETTER: Law unfair to animals | Letters

Law is unfair to animals

In responding to the views of John Nussdorf (Opinion, Nov. 13), I recognize that he is not in a position to do any research, but his arguments contained in his letter fall flat.

I have done extensive research over the past 40 years; and believe I know more about animal welfare than 95 percent of the best legal minds out there.

This is because, from the time of cetaceans, predators have been collected, euthanized, institutionalized and bred. While 50 percent of the predators in the wild today have no predators, and all raptors are endangered, this practice of hunting, hunting to death, protecting the insurance policy is not only unjust, but it puts an end to life.

And it is never the prey, but the predators that live, often to a very advanced age. Killing and hunting of animals is not ethical. From a traditional ethical perspective, we human beings should be happy to let our pets run wild.

What he is claiming as “thrill,” merely ensures that an animal has to be exterminated, just like any other human being. Animal hoarding in this age of our movement of population does not take any animals from the wild, it takes animals who are being mistreated and who may not be able to survive through the months without help.

I do not call my work “killing animals,” but simply adoptions from our sanctuary. At this point, we would not even be starting another shelter if those people followed the state law and the proper ordinances.

Over the past 12 years, we have taken nearly 4,500 animals, 1,500 of which were taken from the streets of California and the unlicensed adoption of hundreds more.

I know from my investigations that allowing for such behavior will lead to many animals being adopted with no special training or personal experience with these animals. Imagine going back to live on the streets with all those animals that will now be taken away, never to see the light of day again!

— JEFF DENNERMAN, DVM, Patton Air Force Base, Desert Hot Springs

Net neutrality is no overreach

The concern over increased internet and television access to unaffiliated video websites, using cloud service technology, is a valid concern. The question is, which service provider receives profits, no matter where the traffic is transmitted? Net neutrality is a neutral internet policy that prevents internet service providers from discriminating against any Internet content.

— Taylor Swenson, Banning

Defense of Measure A

The Measure A, Renaissance Downtown Plan, is good news for Banning. Renewal will allow us to move forward and achieve the professional standards necessary to fulfill our vision for a modern city. It will accelerate traffic to completion of the improvements included in our plan and narrow our focus on a smaller number of projects on which we already have funding commitments.

We know from prior experience that it is significantly cheaper and quicker to complete major projects under the Renaissance umbrella. However, we can’t complete the project without Phase 1 funds being put to use to demolish all those buildings which need to come down.

The City Council recognizes that Measure A construction, not Measure A campaign contributions, is best for Banning. Councilman Mike Lara and the staff that he appointed, including former Planning Director A.J. Snyder, urge city voters to approve Measure A and to insist on proper funding to remove the city’s blighted structures.

Councilman Lara believes that the speed at which the projects are being scheduled in the Renaissance plan is unsustainable. He and his supporters have reached a compromise with ICA Ventures that will allow the Downtown transformation plan to be completed in phases. While this is not ideal for all parties, it will allow all parties involved to focus on the site redevelopment portions of the project and avoid the delays that would have continued the development process.

In short, The City Council and ICA Ventures understand that Downtown project objectives require all necessary funding to be achieved. The City Council understands the urgency of getting Downtown underway, without delay.

— John Banning, San Manuel Councilman