New Tools – WAV Pro 2.0 & WAV Player

“WAV is a method for adjusting the MP3 format up to 600kHz/16-bit on a USB media player or portable hard drive.”

But WAV converts files using this kind of technology to a cleaner and more attractive way to listen to digital music files. WAV with HTML5 supports side-loading of WAV-encoded files into supported browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Safari) and automatically presents the best portability/consumability tools based on each song’s specifications.

WAV with HTML5 requires the required plugins, and it is also compatible with several devices (including personal media players and computer-based devices). It is possible to run various WAV server software programs. The list of supported servers is quite long, including Musicmatch, Trend Micro WAVDoc, Audioboo, Wavii WAVService, MirrorEditor WAVPlayer, MP3 Player, WAVPlayer, Soundcloud, plus many others.

What you need:

WAV folder or ripper shell for Windows (7+ & Windows Server 2003+ and 2+); or .WAV folder for Mac OS X (10.8+ & OS X Server 2008).

Dvd-movies (DVD-r, DVD-rw, DVD+rw) , backup content. If you have multiple Dvd-r or DVD+rw media folders, you can copy the contents of the folder into this tool.

have multiple files, the tool. If you are talking about audio tracks, don’t forget to download appropriate WAV file converter tools for this purpose.

trimmings files for better interoperability of sound and video.

You might also want to upload or browse WAV files from your computer (as opposed to copying and performing downloads) via the WAV Player from your Mac OS X or Windows home computer.

WAV Pro is a tool that gets the most out of what iTunes has to offer in terms of WAV file formats. Additionally, users can add Widgets and applications to use when writing to a WAV file.

I have been using WAV Pro for about 8 years now. It’s better than iTunes in almost every way, including the way it does it all: creating full-fledged podcasts, handling all kinds of DRM files, supported by WAV Player and Musicmatch, and available in the iTunes Store and downloaded on my Mac computer.

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