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mp4 to YouTube | Zamzar – Free online file conversion From DVice Tech :: Adds the trim option to high-definition YouTube videos: A free service that can convert file sizes up to 1.3 GB to smaller YouTube videos by dragging and dropping them and then playing the converted files on any device with an internet connection!

YouTube is a great Internet video streaming service that is open to all videos formats such as HTML5, Flash, WMV and MKV, MXF, XMP, ARMP and others.

Ever wanted to convert a YouTube video into a smaller file size that will fit perfectly on your smartphone, computer or a USB stick? Well, a new technology has just emerged that can help: mp4 to YouTube!

See Movie.mp4 to YouTube in a slideshow for comparison with… for previous generations.

What is the difference?

The new company, Zamzar, has been in operation for around three years now. The only difference between mp4 and the old technology is that they added the ability to trim the high-definition YouTube videos. As part of the service, they have also added the option to share the video to all your social media and messenger apps including WhatsApp, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, SNS, instant messenger, and even Messenger, Mixlr, Sina Weibo, and other apps.

While this may seem somewhat basic, this basically adds you the choice of sharing your short and sweet movie to Whatsapp, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube and so on. Once you convert the file, you have the option to download it to your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Wondering what exactly is available to use? Well, you can use the 1.3 GB limit to shrink the entire video. Then, there are a variety of option to trim the video, such as “Click here to instantly trim”, “Add timeline”, “Add crown trim”, “Switch volume”, “Click here to automatically convert”, and more.

Within a single click, you can have the original video in your desired file size. On the other hand, you can also increase the file size to add your own audio. So basically, there are several options.

But while an mp4 to YouTube is free, you will need the Zamzar service in order to view them. Zamzar has been in touch with YouTube to ensure that users have access to the zahzar service, so they will not be affected with any technical limitation.

The Zamzar website is a place to learn and to discover the most notable online videos, videos on marketing and advertising, and much more.

With such a high-tech solution, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the latest and advanced features of this free, high-quality online video converter?

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