Lost Heroes returns with new songs and new songs to lose.

Serial downloaders should remember that a downloadable MP3 converter is not the same as a playable MP3 player. For non-paying users you must first have a subscription and then be signed in to the source’s web page.

For example, iTunes uses Smart Download to force a downloaded MP3 to be ripped to an iTunes track. You will be able to open iTunes but in that case you will need iTunes to download the source media itself.

So, If you want to download a built-in MP3 player but do not have an iTunes library then you are best looking at free and cheap options. The free songs you can buy on the Pawnee World web page are mostly stripped of all metadata to make them playable and discoverable. As a result, those songs cannot be played, streamed or downloaded using iTunes at present. You may have to re-try with a different iTunes account.

In my opinion this is bad for everyone involved, including Apple since the company would make less money from the latest downloads but attract more new users.

Before long we may see Apple abandoning their web hosting policies and return to shunning the free players.

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You will find there are free MP3 player alternatives out there that are better for now. The Rolling Stones seem to be experimenting with a host of free player prototypes before deciding on a final design. Others include its open source brother the Headmasters.


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