Help! I can’t convert a 5-25MB video to an MP3 file using itunes!

In today’s flash pack, we’ll cover converting YouTube videos to MP3.

This guide covers:




This guide covers:


Note: These methods are not specifically recommended for:

Audio samples

Customizing videos for how to use them in a particular application, or music database

This method is only for making videos with file sizes over 50 MB.

Cut video

Handy tip: If you convert a short 10 MB video file to a shorter 30 MB file, you can load it into a timeline by either first saving it as a video in the Codec Manager, or by selecting the video file in your MTP window and then deleting the preview. There is a reason why this method is helpful for shorter files. Due to compression effect, viewing a shorter 60 MB video increases the file size, so in order to store the video as long as a longer one, you need to drop the length.

Like cut-and-paste clips, you can also save your clip as a quick menu item to easily navigate back to the video by simply selecting it from the menu bar.

Grab audio!

This process is equally as useful. If you’re using a video-only format like .avi or .flv, download the corresponding audio file and double-click the video’s .htm text line in the VTS landscape menu. As soon as it starts playing, select the files and save to your desktop.

Handy tip: Apple supports a file format for Ogg file conversion called “encodeXvY.” If you need to convert your video to Ogg file format, it’s recommended that you have Adobe Lightroom convert your video for you.

Choose a conversion mode

After choosing your format, you will most likely have to choose a conversion mode. You can use an X.Y and X.A converter. There are also plugins which will assist in converting videos, like Carboncodec (operated by CopyBurn:CopyBurn). Before you open your conversion tool, you may want to pause your video for a few seconds to give it a chance to refresh the process for whatever you’re switching to.

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