Best YouTube Downloader and Converter for Mac or Windows

× Best YouTube Downloader and Converter for Mac or Windows

I share my needs. I am a public worker. I work in the environmental area of the office. Having the Apple Newton was a big help when I was out in the field helping to write DEQ permits or anything else. Later the Palm Treo was also a nice computer for sending emails in the field. Apple also started to release a number of apps that did much of the software I needed. iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie. After they stopped being able to make the camera in the iPhone work for me there are a lot of apps on the App Store that have I related to work I do in the environment I am in. The only issues I have is that iTunes and iPhoto only work with Apple and Mac computers. I have just about cut and paste anything I need to some third party converter that works on a non-Apple computer. I have worked with More tools than I can remember in the last 30 years. The thing that struck me and still strikes me is how most of the time there seems to be a divergence between what a Mac or Mac related app or gadget does and what a third party app does. That is my particular problem and it seems like everyone does have a problem with this also. I heard someone talk about how they use the Mac App store instead of iTunes and all kinds of other apps on their Mac, but I have never had any apps that would do all the things I need on a Mac. Like convert video files to file formats I need for MySpace or YouTube and keep those in the browser so I don’t have to download the app and use it in that location. That’s one area in particular where third party software does more stuff and I want that so I can use MySpace or YouTube to do a wide range of work like writing permits that were required by MySpace to get outside help.

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