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mp4 to YouTube | Zamzar – Free online file conversion From DVice Tech :: Adds the trim option to high-definition YouTube videos: A free service that can convert file sizes up to 1.3 GB to smaller YouTube videos by dragging and dropping them and then playing the converted files on any device with an internet connection!

YouTube is a great Internet video streaming service that is open to all videos formats such as HTML5, Flash, WMV and MKV, MXF, XMP, ARMP and others.

Ever wanted to convert a YouTube video into a smaller file size that will fit perfectly on your smartphone, computer or a USB stick? Well, a new technology has just emerged that can help: mp4 to YouTube!

See Movie.mp4 to YouTube in a slideshow for comparison with… for previous generations.

What is the difference?

The new company, Zamzar, has been in operation for around three years now. The only difference between mp4 and the old technology is that they added the ability to trim the high-definition YouTube videos. As part of the service, they have also added the option to share the video to all your social media and messenger apps including WhatsApp, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, SNS, instant messenger, and even Messenger, Mixlr, Sina Weibo, and other apps.

While this may seem somewhat basic, this basically adds you the choice of sharing your short and sweet movie to Whatsapp, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube and so on. Once you convert the file, you have the option to download it to your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Wondering what exactly is available to use? Well, you can use the 1.3 GB limit to shrink the entire video. Then, there are a variety of option to trim the video, such as “Click here to instantly trim”, “Add timeline”, “Add crown trim”, “Switch volume”, “Click here to automatically convert”, and more.

Within a single click, you can have the original video in your desired file size. On the other hand, you can also increase the file size to add your own audio. So basically, there are several options.

But while an mp4 to YouTube is free, you will need the Zamzar service in order to view them. Zamzar has been in touch with YouTube to ensure that users have access to the zahzar service, so they will not be affected with any technical limitation.

The Zamzar website is a place to learn and to discover the most notable online videos, videos on marketing and advertising, and much more.

With such a high-tech solution, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the latest and advanced features of this free, high-quality online video converter?

The website is maintained by Digital Evolve. YouTube API gets regular updates.




Download Now, Save Later, Easy YouTube Video Downloads (Youtube Downloader HD Pro)

This is a limited version of the Youtube Downloader HD Pro.

Downloading videos is simple, have fun watching what you want on Youtube!

· Downloading is simple as you see above.

· The Media Player lets you view videos in different version settings like normal.

· Keep going to check a new section of videos, all the options are linked from left hand column in the Media Player.

· Video Details is when you can see in which size it was transferred to your device (format, resolution, maybe even bitrate).

– (The size of video is downloaded the first time from a video file, it’s based on the % of which you’ve downloaded and what of content is available)

– bitrate is the bitrate of the frame, it’s no matter which video file used, in general, bitrate is 768Kbps but sometimes it’s variable and depending on the battery life in the device.

– it will even work with YouTube players and will recognize uploaded content

– (Sorry: some people will probably have an issue with it)

· Performance: you can see how much the download speed is done by the performance indicator of the Media Player.

– The program will ask how you want to download it to your device and then you get your Video file to watch. You can also change the size of the download in the advanced options.

· Advanced Settings: You can make more settings from the the Media Player, but the rest of the settings are stored in it, I suggest that you just check the text option for “more options”.

· About the Media Player

· Video: not selected.

· Audio: not selected.

· File: downloaded when you start the download process.

· Playback: started or paused by tap on Play.

· Notification for download

· Download Process: As soon as you start the download process.

· Downloading Instructions

· Start the Download Process

· Click the “Click Click” button on the top right corner of the screen

· Select the Video file from the list.

· Download it and Save it once after the necessary set up of video.

Click on the “Loading Update” button.

Check on the “Background Updates” Settings.

Check on the “Documentation” Details.

Install and launch the Netflix application.

Choose your favorite TV show and start watching in a new mode and apply the thumbnail images of the popular shows and don’t worry, Netflix is working on the sound and picture.

When you are done, download a section of movies and videos that were already downloaded.

I highly recommend you to start new downloading using the higher settings like “move video to left hand side of user interface”.

Happy downloading!


Adams County Approves Hugh Dorsey’s Title to Two Subdivisions

The department’s failure to confer a title because no agreement had been reached thus far has disappointed citizens who sought a title in only as a minor matter in an older case.

Attorney Gen. Kathe Tutt Robinson has approved a certificate of title for Hugh Dorsey, who has owned two subdivisions for close to 50 years. Dorsey will never be able to collect anything from tenants or mortgagers at the two subdivisions that are known as Idaho and Stockbridge. Instead, he will receive only about $500 annually until the entire situation is resolved.

Attorneys in the Attorney General’s office and Tom Towle, who represents the purchasers, met with county officials in Helena on Monday, but they did not receive an understanding.

“There are currently no terms in terms of what the two parties are willing to do,” said Adams County Justice Court Judge Terry Wilson.

State records say the terms involved involve the value of the property of $4.3 million. A county administrative order had previously noted there were serious discrepancies over the value.

The 80-lot development in Idaho consists of three condominiums. About 200-250 have bought the units at its closing days between 1970 and 1980, when the market for condominiums was strong. A similar, 80-lot subdivision in Stockbridge consists of eight condos, records show.

At the County Courthouse in Helena on Monday, the largest group of public commenters was against the concept of granting Dorsey title to the two subdivisions, despite their small potential, at least in his favor. Several said the county had not even contacted residents of the two subdivisions to try to figure out how many people will be affected.

Still others said they felt the state should be willing to bend a little, in the name of justice, though they don’t believe Dorsey has a case.

“We’re all in favor of this case being resolved,” said Sandy Wegman, who lives in Stockbridge. “The question is whether we can afford to have this ruling overturned and the blight removed.”

Most disagreed with some aspects of the attorney general’s decision, including the title for not in a majority of the subdivisions, as well as the value of the property. In some cases, some noted, they owned less than 1 percent of the property that could be affected.

Elaine Bailey said she and her husband both bought the property years ago but had not looked at it since. They’re not interested in pursuing legal action over the property, she said.

“We’re not going to discuss those kinds of legal issues,” Bailey said. “We’re looking forward to a situation where people will have a chance to move on with their lives.”


Managing Music, Videos & Video on a PC

If you want to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format and make copies for your own personal use, using the free vm.js plugin for Adobe Flash/YouTube and the Free YouTube to MP4 Converter (FM4) utility, there’s no need to spend $80 or so on a standalone media transcoder.

The free YouTube to MP4 converter downloaded and installed free copies of about 250 videos into MP4 format and worked perfectly on any PC running Windows 7 or later with an Internet connection.

When I looked up the file format on, it told me that YouTube was not currently supporting the conversion. But there seems to be an earlier version of the MP4 video converting program that YouTube should make available as soon as possible.

Here’s the catch: You need the service to open the YouTube videos, or a reference like CIFS or EXIF format will not work.

Until is functional, YouTube probably won’t allow you to upload any of its videos in the format. It wouldn’t seem to be an insurmountable problem. I saw an online YouTube user posting suggestions for converting audio or text files to an MP4 format. He suggested the Google Chrome browser, or without it, HTTPS if you’re using Safari.

To use the service, you have to login to on your computer. Then create a new website in the logon window by clicking on Create New Website Under Voila. You’ll have to select the YouTube video format as the first. Then you have to make sure the web address is exactly like the one in the YouTube clip,

The process begins its conversion of the video in about two minutes. You can select the lowest quality MPEG2 video (with no sound or closed captions) or if you’re still hung up on how it was converted from MP4 format to the format for personal use, you can set a higher quality video for YouTube. also has a low-quality version.

After you’ve converted the YouTube video, open it in CIFS or EXIF format for another computer.

FM4 Converter and are only free services for now and the original YouTube videos remain listed as unsupported.

If you’re worried about getting a free copy of YouTube videos converted in their current format, there are methods that have been reported on the Internet, and are accepted by YouTube. For example, YouTube refers to the IMG codecs used for converting videos on its website. One common way to convert video to a higher quality format without infringing on the copyright is using these better codecs instead of the common video codecs supported by the free video converters.

Another way is to download a converter (from the service or one of the other websites, there are many) to an FTP server and convert the video files.

Again, YouTube claims it’s not currently supporting the newer high-quality transcoding methods supported by vm.js and But it’s unknown when YouTube will enable the conversion of high-quality videos to the more stable formats used by vm.js and

Until then, the best solution is to use the conversion service, with no interruptions from YouTube, when a video is uploaded to YouTube.

Compact DivX

Kevin Bui of provides a free-of-charge service of transferring MP3 and DivX data files across the Internet, for personal use or enterprise storage. To view Kevin’s website, go to

Create cloud-connected, almost idiot-proof portable hard drives

Incidentally, Kevin also offers a free tool for testing digital hard drives and other device storage called, which installs updates on any popular network storage device and checks for unsupported software. You can also transfer files between computers.

By comparison, offers a freeware program that will manage the files on your home network. and (both of which are free) have portable device management tools for any portable hard drive or external hard drive.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Deluxe (which was also one of my favorite phones of 2018) –…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


YouTube Video Converter: Download and convert YouTube Videos

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YouTube Video Converter: Download and convert YouTube Videos

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by Scott Schaefer

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It’s free to use and will allow you to convert your YouTube videos into formats that are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, iPlayer and Flash. Video Converter is powered by gdgt and was founded by Kevin Lynch and Justin Milne, and recently received $2M in additional funding by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Ignition Partners.

Video Converter 6.1.1 offers a new way to view HTML and CSS with the latest performance enhancements, Plug-Ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular Media Publishing software, fast multi-windowed internet viewing, picture perfect resolutions, more favorites, and updates to Windows Defender, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Internet Sharing, VideoHelp, Gmail, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

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YouTube video search – Guide to YouTube video search: From upload to experience

Answer by Qahwui, an experienced YouTube user, on Quora:

While search engines have dropped video-searching capabilities from their indexes, you will still be able to use it because Youtube has left open two separate sites that enable YouTube search. To search for video, visit /youtube/search.

To search for podcasting, visit /podcasting.myroom

It is recommended to visit /video-search.myroom, as the security and privacy settings for the rest of Youtube will not change as they do for the rest of the internet.

Here are the settings:

Disable history Google Toolbar Theo V1 will no longer always prompt you for a session in your account.

In this case, I will use the Google Toolbar, which will always show you your activity for all previous sessions. By default, it will show your most recent activity first and your most recent date and time.

Hide more from this page All you have to do is go on the far right part of this page, after you click “search with,” uncheck Show More Info and change “do NOT read history”

From this page, Youtube is given to all users:

If you go to youtube/security, here are the options you can select:

This proxy service on (Alert you if someone tries to use this service on your home browser) (Log in with Google on this proxy, which logs all the requests you make)

This video-link proxy service on (Sign in with Google on this proxy)

This YouTube account proxy on

If you prefer your privacy, and not to be disturbed by people listening to your thoughts, or viewing your YouTube videos, try blocking all searches, but not the search by content types by site and shows only the services to watch (YouTube autoplay) (Download the addon), or the video of “This is why you should block search.txt

If you have a streaming media media player in your computer, try disabling remote play for streaming sites while they are on the backend (make the playback happen at the server). You can do this via:

How to disable remote playback

How to disable remote access to YouTube

In order to disable Google+ listening for Google+ Youtube (or Youtube tv apps), you have to change the location of your default search engine to this:

How to:

Migrate your Google+ address book to Google accounts (Unless you already have Google account already in your phone)

To move google .com address book into Google account, we will soon be announcing it on G-Mail, and the URL will not work anymore.

Then, you can copy down URL to another site, and log back into Youtube (or your account) from it.

How to Move Google on your computer

First, bring all of your Google accounts on your computer. You will then have to go to these settings and to this.

Then, you will start with the reset you have already done. In this instance, you will just exit one mobile app and then you will have to close the other. We now have two browser, one desktop app, and two Google accounts.

If you can think on this way, you are the one that will have to close everything and go through the reset all over again.

Good luck!


Google — Watch videos you love online, on-the-go

October 15, 2016


Use the filters to avoid searches without operators in the search results. The Submitted List Applications and Submissions will not be evaluated.

YOUTUBE MOV, YouTube to MOV, YouTube to MOV

Downloader and Converter

As a proxy of YouTube

for the search result

to send your video to youtube

YOUTUBE MOV, YouTube to MOV, YouTube to MOV,

Using YouTube Maptime “FREE Maptime -> Cc Google”,

Send Youtube uploaded videos to youtube

Downloaded YouTube videos

File Uploader and Downloader

To download videos from youtube

YouTube Uploader > “Download Videos”

Free YouTube Downloader

by Amazon Flow


-> YouTube Story –

> Spotify Player by Amazon Flow

Search for “Video Store”


We do not guarantee availability, and are unable to track down addresses of users. YouTube has its own infrastructure for the distribution of information to the public. We cannot find out which website users have used to access YouTube and therefore cannot ensure the availability.

Step 1 – Search for the keyword “YouTube MOV,” so that we can either initiate a request or request a request of our own via the website you have downloaded.

Step 2 – Enter the URL of the uploaded video you want to download.

Step 3 – Enter the URL of the youtube video destination which you are trying to contact. Click on the Ask button at the top to send your video to YouTube as an upload.

Step 4 – You can either click on the “Send Video” button or click on the “Start Video” button. The full contents of the video, including controls and messages, can be sent to youtube. This application can be downloaded as a zip file.

Step 5 – Download the zip file. Read it carefully.

Step 6 – Don’t forget to ensure that the update is synced correctly.

Click Here to download, again from the website in question

Download the YouTube MOV file from the source


AIFF & Mumbai Hockey — Youtube Videos

Thanks to the brilliant streaming app YouTube, you can live stream all the action from the 22nd Mumbai Hockey Men’s Senior National Championships in one fell swoop.

Here are a few videos that can be downloaded, converted and streamed to your smartphone or laptop:

AIFF – Hindi Movie Clip on Youtube – Youtube

AIFF – Indian Men’s Hockey Captain Beating Australia 3-0 – Youtube

AIFF – Mumbai Men’s Hockey Men vs Blackcaps Men, Webcast Live – Youtube

AIFF – All Men’s Games Results from Mumbai Hockey Men’s Senior National Championships, Mumbai – Youtube

AIFF – Mumbai Hockey Men – 02:00 hrs – Youtube

AIFF – Mumbai Hockey Men – 03:30 hrs – Youtube

AIFF – Mumbai Hockey Men – 04:45 hrs – Youtube

Punjab: AIFF Blog Live Blog from Mumbai and Anand Wickramasinghe Live at YouTube – AIFF – The Business of Hockey Youtube

AIFF Live Commentary from Webcast – AIFF – Online Podcast Chats Youtube

Mumbai Men’s Hockey – 2nd Quarter of Live Match 2018 – Youtube

Mumbai Men’s Hockey – 4th Quarter of Live Match 2018 – Youtube

And here are some videos to view on YouTube’s AIFF Streaming App:

AIFF – Women’s Team Challenges WI Play – AIFF – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Mumbai Hockey Match – Mumbai Hockey Match – Mumbai Men’s Match – Mumbai Men’s Match – Mumbai Men’s Match – Mumbai Women’s Match – Mumbai Women’s Match – Mumbai Women’s Match – Mumbai Women’s Match – Mumbai Women’s Match – AIFF – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play ‘ROIS II India 2018 – Women’s Team Challenges FIH Play – AIFF Live Streaming App