New YouTube feature lets you search, watch, and share music and videos from across the platform

YouTube recently announced it would create a more prominent page, one where users can go to find and access music, videos and channels. Instead of having to navigate through your personal YouTube preferences and then manually navigate to another page, YouTube is improving the search results, so if you’re searching for a specific song, YouTube will now directly display the corresponding clip or playlist.

While you’re on your watch page, you can now choose from a selection of music icons that can be clicked on and played.

In the options menu (in left-side panel of YouTube) you can switch between playlists, albums and videos.

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About YouTube:

In the history of YouTube, we’ve invested more than $15 billion to make YouTube great – from building the best technology platform in the world to bringing you amazing content from all over the world. YouTube is a powerful way to share and discover awesome stuff from around the world, stay connected with your favorite creators, build your personal brand, and connect with new audiences.


By LG Abruzzo

A good mpeg-2 converter can effectively create video from any source and help you access and use it with all your devices. It is used in video editing, movie creation, and a bunch of other popular computing applications.

Mugatra software is one of the most popular video converters available on the market. It’s able to accomplish only two things: convert video and save mpeg-2 files. So, the main focus of the company’s service is converting mpeg-2 files.

Mugatra’s mpeg-2 converter app is available on Android. Its main features include:

Tracks: Add tracks onto a mpeg-2 video file and resize the original to fit the track frame per frame schedule.

Drag and Drop: Drag a miniMugatra Pro Library folder onto a video file, change the frame rate and then drop it into the converted mpeg-2 video.

Cut and Paste: Drag a miniMugatra Pro Library folder onto a video file, change the frame rate and then save it as mpeg-2 file.

Snippet Playback: Play a few seconds of the extracted video at random and then leave.

Fast Playback: Play a several seconds of the extracted video at normal speed, right after!

Dive Playback: Watch a six-second video clip that you cut after an initial freeze.

Auto Transform: By simply dragging the red square next to a mpeg-2 video’s content, the process will run automatically. You can select a bitrate and time duration and the mpeg-2 video will automatically be transformed into mpeg-4.

Users can filter the free MiniMugatra Pro Library according to preference and can access it from right in the app. There are more than 200 different libraries with a catalog of more than 125,000 videos.

The download size of the app is 1.2 MB and it can be synced to your Google Drive account for more storage. The app also supports more than 100 compatibility formats and has more than 50 sliders. The device and network requirements are set by the app and are based on every device.

The creators of Mugatra want their users to take advantage of the free MiniMugatra Pro Library with unlimited copying and high-res encodings. That way, they’ll be able to preserve the value of their mpeg-2 files for a longer time.

Due to the popularity of the app, the developers always try to extend the support. In order to make it even better for users, the creators add new features without costing them a thing.

Some examples of these additions are a scene-matching feature, which can efficiently extract scenes from mpeg-2 videos. The option to switch between SMPTE-50 and SMPTE-50o and other choice are also added. There’s also a new Background Image that lets you rotate the video camera while it’s still in recording mode and then instantly switch back to the original.

Lastly, the developers of the app introduced a feature to allow over the air updates so users do not have to wait for new features or updates.

Anytime you need a video converter for quick conversion, try out the Mugatra MiniMugatra Pro Library to have an effective and great app. You can learn more about the app and download it for free on the Google Play Store here: mpg-2-mpg-protocol.mpg.

Information on the app’s features is also available on the Google Play Store here: mpg-2-mpg-protocol.mpg. If you need a Mac, you can download the free app here: mpg-2-mpg-protocol.mpg.

Disclaimer: LG Abruzzo, the author of this article, is using a different MiniMugatra app and views it independently.

Getting Your FLACs Instantly into Your Favorite Device

YouTube is a hugely popular video site. As much as we’d like to think that we’re already collecting wonderful videos from all around the web and sharing them with you, the truth is that YouTube is one of the first places you’ll visit when you have news or something interesting to share. It is also incredibly good at what it does.

If you want to have your movie or whatever-else available at your fingertips for as long as possible, YouTube is your best bet. That being said, if you don’t want to wait until you’re done with your video, the best way is to make sure it’s in higher-quality FLAC format. If you know what FLAC is, it will become very simple to figure out how to play back your footage in the format you’d really like.

What Is FLAC?

FLAC is a format for audio and video content, that can be stored and shared as mp3 files on the internet. The reason it is so powerful is because it allows you to make higher-quality FLAC files that can be easily played back on many digital devices. If you have recently purchased a new smartphone or tablet, you will probably be excited to find out that it can handle FLAC files. You may even have hard drives full of FLAC files that you wouldn’t know what to do with.

There are a variety of free and open-source methods to transfer your FLAC files to your computer and you can do it all right from the comfort of your home. One such method is this: use a YouTube video as the source for your FLAC videos. Connect your headphones (not earphones) and upload the FLAC files directly from your mobile device to your computer. If your computer is not a desktop, grab a bit of ethernet cable and run a USB cord from your computer to your mobile device. You can even connect directly to your router. Your window of opportunity will be almost immediate.


YouTube video converter is the best tool to convert videos to other types of formats

It is basically the main app to convert all video, audio and audio files into another format from your computer. it provides you the option to convert almost all file formats you probably have on your computer, including VOB, MP3, SACD, AVI, etc.

What you need to do is to install YouTube composer or YouTube video converter and after that you will have all the songs, videos, images or even entire book files that you have of your own converting into almost any other format.

It is the single app you use that converts your own files, send your video to Youtube and send your music to anywhere music sharing social media site.

YouTube video converter is the most popular in many countries that is the reason its title is as mentioned above, it is a common combination of Google Translate, Stumble translator, webcam conversion, transcoding, iTunes conversion, video-to-music-to-audio conversion and many more. This is, just like any video application where conversion is done as compared to an app that has more of visual, sound and automatic video conversion features.

Features of the free app:

YouTube video converter is mostly a sync converter, so it adjusts the audio and video of whatever you want it to.

You can look and listen to many more videos and audio files.

According to the producers YouTube video converter helps you to quickly convert from VOB to YouTube videos and converter to VOB to stream radio

This is how they describe it:

They are very clear that even if you have a file labeled YouTube, if you have no YouTube account, at the time of the conversion YouTube creator will be blocked from locating the file on its servers.

It is, more so, good if you have a ton of files, especially videos in one name. YouTube will convert a file to playlist format in many of the interfaces, allowing you to more easily share the playlists.

What is ideal?

It can be an ideal tool for anyone, newbie or expert to convert a lot of videos. But it’s important to remember that right from the start you have the limitation of having to store these files on your computer.

So if you do have several videos of books, photos or movies on your computer, it can be a drawback for your transfer rates and downloads.

Transforming YouTube Videos To All Possible Formats!

Objective: YouTube converts videos to all possible formats while maximising amount of storage space available

Conclusion: YouTube is one of the best video content platforms on the internet today

If you are a producer, you should upload your content on YouTube on a weekly basis because it is the best platform to distribute your content. Any site could become the most popular but in reality no one is more popular than YouTube.

About : Filmmakers Productions

Filmmakers Productions is the go-to-team for panoramic video files for Film Resellers and Movie Distributors. We have almost all production types of movie & video production. We are specially known for green screen video files that almost all video professionals require.

If you are a producer and are planning to upload your videos on YouTube, you should use a professional application that will convert your videos to the right formats. All the compilers are free in the market.


Here is a step by step guide to convert any YouTube clip to MPG for MPG/MPEG.

Input Video:

– Have a YouTube Ustream account,

– Upload the video on YouTube

– Use a custom conversion engine

– Flash plugin

Output Video:

– Have all the inputs of YouTube Ustream account,

– Upload the video on YouTube

– Use a custom conversion engine

– Flash plugin

Output Audio/Video:

– Have the YouTube Audio Gateway plugin,

– Use a custom conversion engine

– Flash plugin

Output Data:

– Have all of the outputs of YouTube Ustream account,

– Use a custom conversion engine

– Flash plugin


Various free conversion engines out there are your mouthpiece.

What you need to know is that any of the free ones will not convert YouTube videos into MPG. The only compressor that will help convert it to MPG/MPEG is called dBpy.

What this means is, you should only use dBpy to convert YouTube to MPG/MPEG, otherwise it might incur a huge mess on your system.

On the other hand, you can download a tool that can convert YouTube to MPG/MPEG.

One of the tools that can convert YouTube to MPG/MPEG is called Blogg.

It is a great tool that converts YouTube to almost all formats. It even converts all your YouTube videos into HD with high compression that is capable of encoding up to 320Kbps or 468Kbps.

The recommended mode for conversion is Audio only since MP4 has no advanced audio codecs. However, for many reasons, Blogg should not be used when converting YouTube to MP4 because it will show a loss of compression and will not be able to output MPG/MPEG at 60fps.

On the other hand, the Blogg can be used with any format that uses MPEG and CDR. So for example, if you want to convert YouTube to MPG/MPEG, you can only use the tools for conversion that use MPEG format.


MP3FY: Creating your ultimate YouTube playlist

Anyone whose entire online life was devoted to YouTube videos via this platform will always find themselves wishing to muffle some of the better clips.

Ever since my friends and I were introduced to mixtapes back in 2007, YouTube has been hosting videos of everyone and anything in cyberspace and perfect for the downloading occasion. YouTube is just a good way of sharing things like one would have seen in the past. People used to tape every best movie ever in movie rooms, but with the advancement of technology, how exactly we are still doing the same thing now seems like a mirage. YouTube for hosting internet viral videos has become a powerful tool, and with that comes all the possibilities of sharing videos without worrying about copyright infringement, which was part of the media censorship in Nigeria at one point.

Do you want a YouTube playlist of any length that is larger than 50 minutes, so you can play it repeatedly? Ever felt the need to download song after song with no pause when watching a movie? Wondering how to convert the underlying video formats into easy to download MP3s? We have the answer for all your needs: MP3FY.

MP3FY is a handy tool that is able to convert your most beloved videos into the much requested MP3 files. In addition to all the main features like time shifting and easy file copying, this tool is so much more than that.

For ease of use, the tool is available in several languages for you to also cut and paste your imported video files into other languages. Since they are so simple, you really can’t go wrong. Our power tool must be your daily stress buster.

Even though this platform is quite new, we have been flooded with requests as we receive dozens of YouTube video clips every day and the demand for this tool grows more and more each day. That’s why we have decided to design this tool to have many versatile features and commands.

Best friends in YouTube: Some of the most up and coming YouTube videos and the best TV shows like “Stranger Things” are being converted into MP3s.

The conversion features of MP3FY are the reason why the tool has become the new favourite among online video fans. It’s virtually impossible to not enjoy viewing the videos of your favorite shows on this tool, and furthermore, you are able to download the files all in your own language without any extra effort or expense.

Best Buy goes further by giving users an option to:

Add or remove videos from video collections. This is even handy for older videos that are of low quality.

Adjust the quality of the file. To output to FLAC, MP3 or Tidal audio formats.

Enjoy the Windows 10 image file with a high quality video.

Noteworthy features of MP3FY:

-MP3 copies playable in MP3 songs on popular playlists/on other music services.

-All time playlists also supported, but works with MP3 music files as well.

-View and import MP3 videos stored on DVDs.

-A large size to smallest conversion video and no big speech macros.

How to convert YouTube videos to mp3

A video can sometimes be overwhelming to download and share. The key is to have a good audio conversion solution. How do you do this?

And how can you share these videos quickly and easily. This guide explains what can you use to convert multiple YouTube videos to mp3.

The first step is to convert your YouTube videos from 1GP format to a separate MP3 format. The instructions are not complicated. The conversion to MP3 is typically quite simple. Here’s a bit of knowledge that may help you convert YouTube videos quickly and easily.

Note: Only a single video can be converted per session. And only a single YouTube video can be downloaded per session.

One MP3 file can be downloaded and shared with another user. There are many other good free options out there, such as YouTube MP3 conversion to mp3, which is really straightforward. I recommend this for one user. The key is to make sure that the video is useful to your friend. You may have to listen to them between sessions, if necessary. After you do a user session, you can save the video using the VP8 codec and reupload to YouTube.

Here are the videos to convert, using YouTube MP3 conversion to mp3:

1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,16

Editor’s note: These videos will work only if the user also has a YouTube account. Read The YouTube User Guide to making your first YouTube account!

First listen to them:

1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,16

MP3 file conversion

New Tools – WAV Pro 2.0 & WAV Player

“WAV is a method for adjusting the MP3 format up to 600kHz/16-bit on a USB media player or portable hard drive.”

But WAV converts files using this kind of technology to a cleaner and more attractive way to listen to digital music files. WAV with HTML5 supports side-loading of WAV-encoded files into supported browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Safari) and automatically presents the best portability/consumability tools based on each song’s specifications.

WAV with HTML5 requires the required plugins, and it is also compatible with several devices (including personal media players and computer-based devices). It is possible to run various WAV server software programs. The list of supported servers is quite long, including Musicmatch, Trend Micro WAVDoc, Audioboo, Wavii WAVService, MirrorEditor WAVPlayer, MP3 Player, WAVPlayer, Soundcloud, plus many others.

What you need:

WAV folder or ripper shell for Windows (7+ & Windows Server 2003+ and 2+); or .WAV folder for Mac OS X (10.8+ & OS X Server 2008).

Dvd-movies (DVD-r, DVD-rw, DVD+rw) , backup content. If you have multiple Dvd-r or DVD+rw media folders, you can copy the contents of the folder into this tool.

have multiple files, the tool. If you are talking about audio tracks, don’t forget to download appropriate WAV file converter tools for this purpose.

trimmings files for better interoperability of sound and video.

You might also want to upload or browse WAV files from your computer (as opposed to copying and performing downloads) via the WAV Player from your Mac OS X or Windows home computer.

WAV Pro is a tool that gets the most out of what iTunes has to offer in terms of WAV file formats. Additionally, users can add Widgets and applications to use when writing to a WAV file.

I have been using WAV Pro for about 8 years now. It’s better than iTunes in almost every way, including the way it does it all: creating full-fledged podcasts, handling all kinds of DRM files, supported by WAV Player and Musicmatch, and available in the iTunes Store and downloaded on my Mac computer.

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format

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Free YouTube converter – YouTube to MP3, YouTube video converter

You can convert videos from various Youtube in one easy step.

Nowadays, many popular social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all offer free videos to people on a daily basis. The videos are named “YouTube”, “Music”, “Videos” etc., and it is a good starting place from where to search for your favorite video web sites. But even if you are looking for videos, converting the videos can get difficult. You either start the video video conversion and edit it yourself or you get back a video files that look the way you want them to. Even after downloading all the video videos, one may still run into a problem. So, we will need to know about these issues before conversion your videos.

Free Youtube Converter is one of the best tools to learn about all these problems. Downloading and finding all the videos you desire is really easy using this software. As you get from the image, converting videos from YouTube is already built into the software. You can even search for Youtube videos easily by searching by keyword or by mouse movement, and converting them to video files is very easy. You can even save the contents of the videos into different formats and save them to your computer in offline formats if required. Now, our as we see using YouTube video converter, we have now found YouTube video converter which really supports this process.

YouTube to MP3 Conversion

In this video, you will find out the different kinds of MP3 files for YouTube. Youtube offers both, Acid MP3, MP3 Lossless MP3 and MP3 Normal MP3 files. Acid MP3, MP3 Lossless MP3 and MP3 Normal MP3 are the two types of MP3 file types for Youtube. Acid MP3 is the bit rate MP3 files are rated from among, MP3 Normal MP3 files are the standard MP3 file types and Normal MP3 file files are the MP3 files that are downloaded in whole file size format and the mp3 file gets converted in this format.

Now when converting your Youtube videos to one of these various MP3 files, you can check the ID3 encoding features included with these formats so that your video can properly be displayed on computer and android devices. You should do your best to plan how best you will need the different format from Youtube. If you plan to use Video post conversion, you may need the Acid MP3 for achieving the best results.

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