Youtube now offers download of mp3’s

Youtube songs, ie. DRM free music, are now available for download in mp3 format. The site, Youtube used to exclusively feature music videos, began to include mp3s for downloading, in early October of this year. Youtube has remained one of the few places where users can upload MP3s to be shared on and over the internet. For those wanting to burn their own music to CDs, Youtube downloads are an option for now. Even with videos, a technology called Clonbak is used to create downloaded files. Clonbak adds encryption to a previously unencrypted file to protect it.

MP3 files can be downloaded from Youtube. Very difficult to convert your Youtube files into udpap. And since Youtube doesn’t encrypt mp3s ( or anything else for that matter), hacks are available to decode them. Converting an MP3 file into a hd mp3 file is simple. Pips and bitrates are extremely low. You may need to buy an external converter to complete this process. Or if you are using a bit player in your computer, you can convert them to hd. Everything runs about the same, just bring all of your files to my Windows computer, run iTunes ( click “get music” ) and select the stream you want from the menu, etc. The user guide for the conversion software seems very basic and inaccurate. Next, using Internet Explorer, type chrome://extras or try chrome://pc/demo , type in webcache and then click on “open file”. The program will ask what format is the file, then it’ll find the file and allow you to save it for later. If you have ever downloaded a mp3 file from youtube, you may have noticed the DRM’s. YouTube thinks it has a right to protect its content. This is what DRM stands for, and since youtube uses it, it must be protected. So you have to manually turn off YouTube’s “friend sharing” feature, if you want your saved YouTube files to be viewable. So in this world of EFF and protection, Youtube is one of the only places you can find MP3s. Unless it’s converted from hd . All I ask is to please consider helping my friends by saving their files safely. Youtube’s content is copyrighted by the artists themselves. It should not matter to the user. Artists deserve our support.

Super Baby: The Super Hero Project was…

One five-finger pinch on my hand, and I turned into Cruella de Vil. Fitty Cruella de Vil

With what seemed like inches of fabric down, up and back, I hauled my own wet sheet out of the trampoline room on Monday, and set up the display I’d been struggling to make work so far.

It was the sort of presentation I dream of presenting in a classroom, in front of an appreciative audience of second-graders. But it just wasn’t going to work out that way this week.

Two hours before school, I’d met with my mother and a few colleagues at the school to discuss how I could do a presentation that the teachers had been considering giving. The teachers had said they wanted to show kids first-person and hands-on experiences, and they had always had graphic novel presentations they had discussed and used in class. The stories themselves seemed to have been immensely popular. They’d seen the pictures on the walls of my father’s comics store, and for many kids they were about all they knew about superheroes.

I can’t say that all of the teachers had liked the presentation I’d done of myself in superhero profile. I did have a crew that seemed like a perfect crowd for such a thing, though, and I had a whole story plan in mind about how I wanted to do it. When I called my mother in on Monday, we worked out a scheme. I’d return home from work on Tuesday afternoon, and we’d return to the classroom and set it up. She’d be at home, watching the kids come down the steps from the neighborhood. I’d do my presentation, I’d whisper in the voice of the hero who seemed to win a lot of hearts with her moments of kooky candor. But during her family’s meeting that day, she’d noticed my daughter, and commented something along the lines of “you’re missing your little sister.”

Oh my God, I said to myself. How was I going to propose to a roomful of kids without her? But I looked at the sheets from my box, and I’d found a piece of paper with the yearbook photo of my sister on it. I got the idea. I’d have my sister come in on Tuesday night, and then at night I’d let my mom take the kids home. I’d walk in and say hi to my sister and introduce her to my classmates. We’d sit in the school auditorium, and my sister would read part of her story from her notebook. And when the kids were done with the story, I’d tell them my story, and I’d tell my sister’s story. Then we’d go back to my room, where I’d hold up a piece of paper from the yearbook to my sister’s picture, and show it all off to my classmates.

I did it. So did my sister.

But things never got to that point. When I went back to work on Wednesday morning, the kindergartners were already ready to go home and my school day was ending at 2 p.m. So what I went to try to do, and what I’d planned to do, was totally derailed.

I hate not being able to pull off great things because I don’t have the time to do them. But I hate even more not being able to pull things off at all. So this week I did the only thing I could do.

I couldn’t reschedule the assignment and go back to it. I couldn’t run a new idea around my friends, because they all knew how good of a sales pitch it was. I couldn’t present to my sister, because her daughter was watching.

I had one arm tied behind my back with the other dangling to my side. I had to go talk to them myself. And that’s what I did on Thursday, in the commons area of my school.

This week is not how I had envisioned the Super Hero Project. I’m just going to try to keep doing what I could. Because even though I made so many mistakes in trying to pull this off, I think the kids liked it.

And besides, there’s still another chance.

Jeff Creel is the mom behind the East Bay’s popular “Super” series of children’s books. His Web site is For more on Super Superhero Project, email Creel at [email protected]


Best YouTube Downloader and Converter for Mac or Windows

× Best YouTube Downloader and Converter for Mac or Windows

I share my needs. I am a public worker. I work in the environmental area of the office. Having the Apple Newton was a big help when I was out in the field helping to write DEQ permits or anything else. Later the Palm Treo was also a nice computer for sending emails in the field. Apple also started to release a number of apps that did much of the software I needed. iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie. After they stopped being able to make the camera in the iPhone work for me there are a lot of apps on the App Store that have I related to work I do in the environment I am in. The only issues I have is that iTunes and iPhoto only work with Apple and Mac computers. I have just about cut and paste anything I need to some third party converter that works on a non-Apple computer. I have worked with More tools than I can remember in the last 30 years. The thing that struck me and still strikes me is how most of the time there seems to be a divergence between what a Mac or Mac related app or gadget does and what a third party app does. That is my particular problem and it seems like everyone does have a problem with this also. I heard someone talk about how they use the Mac App store instead of iTunes and all kinds of other apps on their Mac, but I have never had any apps that would do all the things I need on a Mac. Like convert video files to file formats I need for MySpace or YouTube and keep those in the browser so I don’t have to download the app and use it in that location. That’s one area in particular where third party software does more stuff and I want that so I can use MySpace or YouTube to do a wide range of work like writing permits that were required by MySpace to get outside help.

Download YouTube video files for offline playback

The AudioDownload app, available on the Google Play Store, allows you to store up to 2,000 videos from YouTube into a cache and download them to your phone as a free MP3 or MP4 for offline listening.

New users can try YouTube Downloader for the first 30 days for free. After that, it will cost $1.99 per month or $4.99 per year. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, though, should you not like the download experience.

Download YouTube video files

Search the latest episode of Google Play’s ‘Pocket Stern.’ YouTube

To use the app, you will need a Google or Chrome browser, an internet connection and an internet-connected smartphone or tablet.

As mentioned above, you can download 2,000 videos from YouTube (different video channels, videos in Original or what-have-you) and keep them in a queue.

To complete the download, just press the “on” button, and download the file to your smartphone via the player.

Image by Pixabay

Is the sound good?

Download YouTube and similar apps and services to listen to HD audio, but you will be limited to a single TV resolution.

Other apps and services that take the lossy quality out of the equation and allow you to listen to music or videos in as high as WVGA (320 by 240 pixel) resolution at maximum bitrate can be found here.

Also, make sure the sound quality is fine.

If you don’t know what the player is capable of, you can consult the preview window provided by YouTube, which can tell you how you will receive the audio in case something goes wrong.

If you’re unsure whether the content is suitable for the listening environment, you can check it out on YouTube’s privacy guidelines page.

Download YouTube and similar apps and services

We’ve tested apps such as KeepCakes, which allows you to download video podcasts for offline listening.

By using the apps, it isn’t difficult to find a particular channel of YouTube that you want to view, and have it saved in a folder for offline playback.

However, the download capabilities, and the quality of the playback, vary from service to service. You can always try a couple of them to see which one gets the best response.

Download YouTube and similar apps and services to listen to HD audio, but you will be limited to a single TV resolution.

Help! I can’t convert a 5-25MB video to an MP3 file using itunes!

In today’s flash pack, we’ll cover converting YouTube videos to MP3.

This guide covers:




This guide covers:


Note: These methods are not specifically recommended for:

Audio samples

Customizing videos for how to use them in a particular application, or music database

This method is only for making videos with file sizes over 50 MB.

Cut video

Handy tip: If you convert a short 10 MB video file to a shorter 30 MB file, you can load it into a timeline by either first saving it as a video in the Codec Manager, or by selecting the video file in your MTP window and then deleting the preview. There is a reason why this method is helpful for shorter files. Due to compression effect, viewing a shorter 60 MB video increases the file size, so in order to store the video as long as a longer one, you need to drop the length.

Like cut-and-paste clips, you can also save your clip as a quick menu item to easily navigate back to the video by simply selecting it from the menu bar.

Grab audio!

This process is equally as useful. If you’re using a video-only format like .avi or .flv, download the corresponding audio file and double-click the video’s .htm text line in the VTS landscape menu. As soon as it starts playing, select the files and save to your desktop.

Handy tip: Apple supports a file format for Ogg file conversion called “encodeXvY.” If you need to convert your video to Ogg file format, it’s recommended that you have Adobe Lightroom convert your video for you.

Choose a conversion mode

After choosing your format, you will most likely have to choose a conversion mode. You can use an X.Y and X.A converter. There are also plugins which will assist in converting videos, like Carboncodec (operated by CopyBurn:CopyBurn). Before you open your conversion tool, you may want to pause your video for a few seconds to give it a chance to refresh the process for whatever you’re switching to.

Media Converter for Windows 10.2.1008: MPEG and AVI file conversion, including xvid and VC1 multimedia files, and more

Video Converter [click here]

This APN to Google Video Explorer importer is integrated into the main YouTube Converter uploaded on, on YouTube.

A Pixel, Core in the video conversion process allows you to change the video to MP4 in Microsoft or to videos from MP4, .MPV, etc.

Want to verify your downloaded APN? Install YouTube2Converter – YouTubeConverter.exe , search for the image you are creating in YouTube and it will provide. In this editing step, you need to replace “dot” with “gw” and put as “ms” because the MP4 format is defined by Windows to include google’s mp4 or possibly, it doesn’t work well with a google plus. The site also provides the iFrame to load “mp4” in a drop down list.

Find this image on the web by simply clicking on it:….

When converting video you need to first use this bookmark: youtube2converter.ksh, to bring it into YouTube Video Conversion Icon. There you need to see “inscrip” to select your video from the thumbnail and to convert it to MP4 from .mp4.

Ideal course: buy Youtube2Converter “Guide” in the links below:…

Fix All of these: in order to ensure your videos are downloaded from the Google Video The site shares your text (ie. that the video is video is .mp4 or .mpv or .mov or any other format or from some other file type), turn of the script which reads:

“Copyright on HU would be revoked if the COPY on that video was unknown to copyright holders and HU… plans to sell this video by copyright notification or denying this video and copyright information and requiring a full licensing to just sell the video.”


This guide is extracted directly from youtube2converter.ksh: answers here, etc.

.1: Video Converter is not installed yet in your PC.

This is because of the agreement reached between Youtube and Microsoft to remove porn from Google Video.


Step by step guide on creating your own digital music company

Step by step guide on creating your own digital music company

For the most part, it’s just easier to create your own internet radio station, stream music, or record your own “music video” than to take the time and expense to go to a record store and record an album.

With today’s mobile phones and computers with decent internet access, there’s never been a better time to go the “DIY” route to record or share your own, independent music, videos, podcasts, ringtones, mobile apps, or sound effects with your family or friends. There are, of course, pros and cons to building your own audio creation studio, but there are also few things more fun than trying your hand at something completely new and creative.

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Because audio is so easy to make, it’s very easy to upload your own podcasts, internet radio shows, lectures, spoken word programs, or reality shows. And while there are different legal and technical hurdles to jumping over, thanks to technology, much of the work of getting an audio program running is done for you. You might even be surprised at how much speed and efficiency it takes to make your own audio material.

Okay, that isn’t so surprising. But why should you give up on your dreams of becoming your own “album producer,” or “music startup,” as it were? There are actually quite a few sound effects and pop-in audio programs that can help build your own audio library for use in websites, mobile apps, social media, your website or audio blog, and your upcoming music.

Here are six simple tricks to building your own audio library:

Start by creating a recording library on a PC or a Mac

Record a wide range of sound clips from different sources and genres.

I like MOS mode on any audio editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Audacity because it greatly simplifies video and audio transfer from the computer. In other words, you can put a lot of your software software into the background so you don’t have to keep it all up and running. After that, you can quickly transfer the sound clips to any of the various audio editing programs on the market, including Phaser, Studio CD Liquid, Pablo, and more.

Choose an audio editing program such as Audacity for building your own sound library.

Watch the intro to Phaser Film Effects, which is an amazing tool for creating audio tracks for music videos, podcasts, audiobooks, game audio, sound effects, and more.

Audacity is an excellent training tool. You can experiment with different audio editing programs.

Download sound clips from SoundCloud, SoundCloud Music, SoundCloud Radio, Google Play Music, Spotify, iTunes, iTunes Radio, Pandora, SoundCloud Open, and Google Play Music.

Listen to sounds of different groups and parts of the world in the SoundCloud Open page.

With this tool, you can break down sounds into small file sizes so you can easily share them with others.

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Create a “bug call” file

I normally talk about performance, channel, audio quality, complexity, testing, licensing, and how to obtain a proper royalty rate. But Bug calls are a really fun tool for building your audio library. Every bug call, including bugs, advertisements, videos, and any other audio you want to add to your library, can be included in a built-in .wav file and then copied and pasted into any of the audio editor programs. I recommend using a free audio editor such as Phaser, Audacity, or Studio CD for creating bugs.

Make a playlist by listening to your audio library.

While Phaser is the best free audio editor available, Audacity can teach you how to edit audio files with ease. But, for folks who don’t have a computer (or who can’t get a computer fast enough), you can actually create your own .wav and .mp3 file and then add it to your music library. I also like clicking the Play button next to the audio file to learn a few YouTube related keywords, genres, and phrases. If you find that adding a YouTube playlist plays or plays loudly, open the YouTube download page and download the “Ask for Help” widget.

Photo Credit: Joe Quesada, Creative Commons

YouTube Downloader & Converter – Download and Convert your favorite videos from YouTube

Free YouTube Downloader Converter – Download and convert your favorite videos from YouTube and IMDB

This is one of the few popular software programs that provides a very easy and cost-effective way to download and convert videos from YouTube onto your computer. You can even view several YouTube videos for the same clip, although this does not have the ability to review contents. For instance, if you’re watching the same video clip again and again, you’ll find that some parts of the video might be missing.

This convenient program can be downloaded from here:

here. Download and convert videos from your computer to YouTube – Download and convert your favorite videos from YouTube and IMDB!

Download & Convert YouTube Videos with YouTube Downloader & Converter for YouTube

So in order to copy a YouTube video clip to your computer, you first need to make sure that YouTube videos are available on your YouTube account. You can find your YouTube account by going to your YouTube account page or by pressing on the “+” button in a YouTube Video.

With YouTube Downloader and Converter for YouTube in hand, you can download most YouTube videos by dragging and dropping them onto your screen. If they’re located in your or folders, you can simply paste the URL into the program and save it for later use.

With this easy process, you can view almost all YouTube videos right away. At the end of your download, you can also sync your own playlist to make it easy to access any new YouTube video clip you come across.

To create a playlist using YouTube Downloader & Converter for YouTube, you can first save the selected YouTube videos to your desktop. Next, you can add each YouTube video clip into a playlist by creating a dedicated folder named “Watch” and hit the button on the right side. You can rename it or rename it in other ways as long as you don’t delete the folder folder. Hit the “Add to YouTube” button to generate a new playlist on the internet. When you’re ready to view the YouTube videos, you can also adjust your playback preferences by hitting the “Save as” button.

YouTube YouTube Downloader & Converter for YouTube provides an easy and quick way to see almost all videos on your favorite video site. However, even though the program promises to find videos from YouTube just like Google would, YouTube items in YouTube downloads may have additional information (such as ads or payments) hidden in the links.

First off, the Terms of Service (TOS) you should know about YouTube videos on YouTube Downloader and Converter for YouTube is as follows:

You agree to use YouTube for all purposes; Acceptable uses include media-rich presentations, educational courses, scientific investigations, music, films, television and movies, comedy videos, exhibitions, and other types of content.

– “The Link People” are authorized to use YouTube videos.

There are other Terms of Service (TOS) you need to be aware of:

User Content. You acknowledge and agree that all copyright and trademark claims concerning the videos and other content contained in your YouTube accounts (whether or not stored in your YouTube Downloader and Converter) and used in a Media Player (such as the YouTube Downloader or the YouTube Converter) depend on any user-created content you install on your YouTube account. If you decide to upload a video to YouTube, you should indemnify and hold harmless YouTube for any infringement of copyright or trademark claims that result from your use of this content.

– YouTube media file metadata. You acknowledge and agree that YouTube is the owner of this content and that your YouTube Media Player (such as the YouTube Downloader or the YouTube Converter) contains the necessary metadata for YouTube to use it. You consent to the automatic information extraction by YouTube of the following data: (i) name, (ii) duration, (iii) date, and (iv) number of times you access the content and (v) playbacks.

These TOS do not apply to YouTube Media Player & Downloader for Android.

Your use of YouTube content is in good faith. Upon service of the use and service of the software provided on your computer, you may not use it for a commercial purpose or to annoy, abuse, or harass any third party.

Your YouTube account may be deleted from YouTube in the event of unauthorized use of the files or content created or stored in your account or if you become a deceptive user and use the blog as a forum to advertise or sell goods or services that do not comply with Youtube Terms of Service. You also agree not to include YouTube-owned trademarks and

Lost Heroes returns with new songs and new songs to lose.

Serial downloaders should remember that a downloadable MP3 converter is not the same as a playable MP3 player. For non-paying users you must first have a subscription and then be signed in to the source’s web page.

For example, iTunes uses Smart Download to force a downloaded MP3 to be ripped to an iTunes track. You will be able to open iTunes but in that case you will need iTunes to download the source media itself.

So, If you want to download a built-in MP3 player but do not have an iTunes library then you are best looking at free and cheap options. The free songs you can buy on the Pawnee World web page are mostly stripped of all metadata to make them playable and discoverable. As a result, those songs cannot be played, streamed or downloaded using iTunes at present. You may have to re-try with a different iTunes account.

In my opinion this is bad for everyone involved, including Apple since the company would make less money from the latest downloads but attract more new users.

Before long we may see Apple abandoning their web hosting policies and return to shunning the free players.

[protected-iframe id=”4851a5ee9c11276ccc2e0ca9c95cf-24588526-321129″ info=”https://download.feedburner…” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

You will find there are free MP3 player alternatives out there that are better for now. The Rolling Stones seem to be experimenting with a host of free player prototypes before deciding on a final design. Others include its open source brother the Headmasters.


YouTube Converter: iTunes – YouTube/iTunes – converts Youtube videos to iTunes


YouTube has become popular on so many different apps including Instagram, Facebook, and music streaming service Spotify. Many of them, are going to have some videos posted on YouTube, as per the Inquisitr.

YouTube has become such a popular video sharing website that some people believe they are a Youtube competitor, hence the name. But the main competitor is actually Netflix.

The YouTube converter for iTunes works out well for video and music streaming to iTunes.

Some people have access to the YouTube Lite, however, you can also download YouTube Videos to Youtube. YouTube Offline is also useful if you don’t have unlimited internet plan. Download Youtube videos to YouTube Offline.

This is perhaps the best converter for YouTube videos in the market. iTunes version has Bluetooth Bluetooth also. Apple’s version for iTunes is the iTunes Match iTunes Vorbis for iTunes, which will do just about the same as this YouTube converter.

iTunes to YouTube Converter

You can easily convert iTunes version to YouTube videos. Many popular TV shows and movies are available in iTunes.

The iTunes version of Youtube videos is the same and it also has other options for users who don’t have the same subscription as Youtube. The YouTube converter is much simpler than the iTunes version. The website simply asks for your iTunes account info, and you can download this Youtube video converter to iTunes.

iTunes to YouTube converter will transfer any videos to iTunes. You can convert the videos to any formats. But iTunes doesn’t support Flash, so you will need to choose YouTube video converter. You can select the clip to download the YouTube and iTunes converter. The conversion is done just by clicking the check boxes with little details, and selecting “Done” option.

However, YouTube video converter may result in a huge file size for your iTunes. The Youtube video converter is a lighter option compared to iTunes. In case you are transferring YouTube videos from another device to iTunes, then check to see the file size. YouTube video converter has a small file size of 880KB for unzipped video. You can export it in iTunes video format for an MP4, then you can use a video editor to edit the file size.

Alternatively, if you want to convert the MP4 file, but don’t want to use any paid software to edit it, just click on the “Export” button. But select the image quality: 720p, 1080p, or 480p if you have the same content in your videos folder. Using a free editing software will make the file smaller.

iTunes is one of the most popular video formats in the market. It is a long form conversion for any video format. Youtube video converter offers enough option. You can also import your YouTube videos to YouTube. YouTube makes it easy for the converting you to YouTube, and these videos are easy to find in the official YouTube website.